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Let's fight constipation!

Soft Cover $12.95

My Poop Is Stuck is the true story of a boy who is constipated and just wants his poop to come out. What will make him go? This book will get you going – a hilariously funny approach to a real medical problem. Ages 3-9



A young boy changes his diet to end his constipation in this rhyming picture book. The poor young narrator knows he needs to poop, but no matter what he tries, nothing seems to help. Despite describing his eating habits (lots of meat and cheese with no fruits and vegetables in sight), the narrator just can't understand why he has a tummy ache. In a perfect potty-humor style, the team of Parkinson and nutritionist Khalil Dumas (Evolve, 2017) alternates the coping strategies (jumping on the bed; reading on the toilet) with different words for bowel movements: "I need to make / the brown, sewer snake, / a doodie, a dookie, / or a big, keister cake." While most of the words will be familiar to young readers, a few new descriptions of feces will cause gross-out delight. The funny cartoon images by debut illustrator Imani Dumas depict the biracial narrator patiently sitting on the toilet or sharing meals with his family. Based on a true story from Khalil Dumas' childhood, explained in the afterword, the book recommends a diet filled with fruits and veggies (the author is a vegan). Young readers who suffer from constipation will find a vocabulary to express their discomfort--and plenty of new words for poop. A clever take on a rarely covered health issue with cheerful illustrations.

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