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Our Team

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Marcus Dumas


Marcus Dumas is a life long educator and inspirational leader within the Detroit public school system. He has devoted his life to the education of young minds and continues his work through brilliant voice-over work for the Healthy Planet read along series. He is currently working on developing the writings of slave narratives into children's books to retell the story of Tom and The Bear. Healthy Planet Press is looking forward to publishing his works by October 2020.

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Imani Dumas

Director & Illustrator

Imani Dumas is a mixed media artist and the illustrator for Healthy Planet Press. She is an active gardener, appreciator of nature. When she isn’t drawing or writing, you will find her fingers strumming on a banjo or playing the piano. Imani has illustrated over 12 children's books set to be published over the next year and is looking forward to a career in VFX animation. She is currently working on a hilarious new children's book Think Like A Mammoth. Healthy Planet Press is looking forward to publishing her works by October 2021. 

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Khalil Dumas

Author & Nutritionist

Khalil Dumas is a forward-thinking nutritionist who has discovered his love for nutrition through a childhood of food-related issues. He promotes the clean vegan lifestyle through his food blog "Off the Chain" and practices health food photography and writing with his life partner. Khalil is the writer of the book My Poop Is Stuck published in 2019. Healthy Planet Press is looking forward to publishing more of his work by October 2020. 

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