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The Vegan Shepherd's Pie

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Shepherd's pie is an all time favorite. The best dinner pie that you take out and eat a slice for lunch the next day.


1 set of pie shells

1 can black bean

1 onion

2 tbsp garlic

1 pkg low sodium taco seasoning

½ tsp smoked paprika if desired

1 layer peas and carrot

1 layer corn

1 layer leftover mashed potato


Heat oil in a pan. Add garlic, onion, and seasoning. Stir for two minutes. Mash black beans and add to the pan. Mix and add to the bottom of the pie shell. Add a layer of potatoes, peas, carrots, corn and any other vegetables leftover in your fridge or desired. Cover with the other pie shell and bake on 350 degrees for an hour.

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